My Services

1. Editing of manuscripts, journals, biographies, autobiographies, etc.
2. Transcribing – convert that audio book to a manuscript.
3. Freelance Writing/reviews of events/interview questions.
4. Ghost-writing – for Religious leaders, celebrities, politicians, and other busy people
Service Rates
Service Cost (N)
Transcribing (per minute) 200.00
Freelance Writing (every 500 words) 3000.00
Freelance Writing with research (every 500 words) 4500.00
Ghost Writing: E-book (per page on MS Word) 3000
Ghost Writing: Novels and books (per page on MS Word) 5000
*Editing (per word) *2.00 – 5.00
* More information on this below this table

More Information about the editing service
Depending on the quality of the manuscript sent, the rates will vary between N2.00 – N5.00 per word.
The price might go higher if there is extra work to be done in terms of restructuring

You will be getting two types of documents, a MS Word one, with all the changes tracked so you can review and a clean PDF and MS Word document. Failure to approve changes within a short period of time will automatically translate to your consent. We will constantly be in touch throughout the editing process

Getting Started:
Send me the first ten pages and any other random, but consecutive ten pages of your manuscript. After review, the prices will be agreed upon.
Once an agreement is reached, we will develop a time table and 30% of the fee will be paid as down-payment. Another 30% will be paid when the book is edited half way while the last 40% will be paid when the book is fully edited. After this, the final deliverable will be sent.

1. It is advisable that you have a complete manuscript before you submit for editing, as the inclusion of additional contents after editing has commenced will cause the price and timeline to increase
2. Rush work will attract a 20% increase in the fee

If you have decided that you want us to edit your book, please, send us the following information
• Type of Manuscript (Novel, Business Article, Inspirational/Motivational Book, School Project, Biography, etc)
• Genre (If Novel or Inspirational Book)
• Manuscript Title
• Number of Words
• Number of Pages
• Desired Timeline

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