True Love through Lies

True Love through Lies

If you are reading this and have ever truly been in love you’d understand that being in love most times require making impossible sacrifices. Treading abominable paths, being at war with friends and family, but not holding on to regrets if it doesn’t work.

Growing up has launched my insight into a pond of such helplessly complicated situation. Personally, I believe that love is limitless and should break barriers. However, breaking forth most times means fighting several battles and the ultimate war. It means personalising your convictions and expressing your emotional humanity. It is going all out but knowing when to halt.

My most recent encounters with various lovers have made me realise that true love can be unrealistic. It can be painful and very expensive. It is like finding a diamond in a furnace of fire, you know you desire it but you also know owning it will make you burn.

I have heard people say, “If he loves me, he will fight for me. If she wants us, she can make it work.”

I wish it was that easy.

Your mother says not to marry him, he is of a rival tribe.

Your doctor says it’s risky, you are genotypes aren’t compatible.

You love him but he is only making slow progress through life.

You are crazy about her despite knowing she slept around to pay her bills, at least that’s how you met her.

You guys have different religious beliefs, your parents wouldn’t give their blessings.

There’s no way your father would allow you to marry anyone who isn’t a Biafran.

All these and you are willing to storm through. Can you live with the consequences?

Love should not lead you to captivity or make your life miserable. Love is limitless but limitless isn’t freedom. When choosing who to be with, you have to put your heart and life (future) on a scale and see which weighs most.

Don’t let true love lead you to a city of lies. Does true love always come through?


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