The Right Relationship

The Right Relationship

The only relationship I am into that holds no iota of insecurity is one with God. I do not know anyone else who embraces my strengths and weaknesses without playing on my imperfection. No wonder He isn’t a man. There are so many failed relationships because everyone wants what’s good for them irrespective of whether or not it is good for the other party. Bonds are broken every day because humans prefer to do the right thing only when it is right for them.

When people ask if I’m dating and I reply by stating that “relationship is a luxury I can’t afford”. I get casual responses like, “a woman that truly loves you will date you when you are still hustling.”

Please, can we be deep?

Use your insight! Relationship isn’t about money alone, we made it so. I’m not saying money isn’t a factor; it isn’t just the ground on which relationship thrives. My recent research exposed that most relationships fail because of money, and oh, not lack of money or inadequate cash in most cases. It fails because money takes all the attention. The girl focuses on what he’s offering and he wants to make more to please her. The day she nags about not feeling loved, he reminds her he’s making the money so ‘she can take care of herself’.

Before you choose a partner to date or work with, ask yourself,

“What am I willing to give up?” If your answer is ‘nothing’ or uncertain, chances are the relationship will fail. It is a vital law of nature that everything requires an effort. Sustainability is dependent on our different levels of responsibility.

Shori ye e?

“Love is bigger than the law – ife l’akoja ofin.” It is now very obvious why it is being abused. Love works like magic sometimes. It is possible to fall in love at first sight but it is unacceptable. You have to put your emotions under check and initiate a process.

Know that person!

Nobody can change you but you can decide to change for someone you truly love. Be sure of what you’re willing to let go before drowning in uncontrollable emotions.

Ask questions, that’s how to stay on the right path.

Express yourself, the truth about who you are will come to light eventually. The most romantic line I ever heard from a wife about her husband to the world ended like this,

“Above all, I love him because he’s bold and sincere. I didn’t have to ask, he told me on our second date that he snores. It became easier to share my secrets with him afterwards.” If you want the best relationship, you have to be open.

The greatest leaders are ones who aren’t scared of giving all to see their followers become better than themselves. No insecurity. Beautiful marriages are born in homes where couples look up to and look out for each other. They get angry too, they don’t just allow their anger outweigh the love. My friends and I fight as much as we support one another; we understand that true friendship is like a lily in a pond of mould. Everyone keeps wondering how it got there.

What type of relationship are you in?

My guy shine your eyes well well! Some people are with you for what you have alone. You snooze they fade.

Before you take a job find out who your prospective boss is. Some bosses will use you till you lose it.

Friendship should be from the heart and by loyalty, not by status. Whenever I and my friends arrive in a car, you’ll have to ask to get an idea of who owns it. We pay for drinks with the POS machine and you’ll never know whose ATM it is.

Bad relationships are most beautiful at the initial stage. It feels like you’re exploring till you realize you’re being exploited. Good ones are as sudden as the bad ones, difference is some of us have realised that to make good better requires a process.

Grow the right relationships and enjoy the peace that comes with it.


And just in case you miss what the commitments of the right marriage should be like, read The Vow.

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  • I keep saying it..communication is extremely important in a relationship..thanks #femifragile


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