The Bravest Warriors

The Bravest Warriors

All mums are great, but of course mine is the greatest, and I know you feel the same way about yours too. It won’t be wrong to argue that the world will be more chaotic without mothers; they train, sacrifice for, love, scold, and pamper us till they give up the ghost; the bravest set of warriors any generation will ever know. They will give anything to make sure their children succeed, God bless all mothers, and happy mother’s day.

The categories of mothers that awe me most are the ones who shoulder the responsibility of a father with theirs; widows, single mothers, and teenage mothers (who have been rejected). My mum falls in this category, since the demise of my father she has been everything any child can ever wish for in a mother – a true one at that. I love you mum, and I just want to use this medium to say thank you; for making certain ‘shameful’ sacrifices for my fame, I will pay all your debts and cloth your nakedness with graceful embroideries till you breathe your last, very soon. Thank you so much for enduring pain so that I can live a purposeful life with significant gain; I count it privilege to be your son. The love and attention I receive from you on daily basis is overwhelming, what will I ever do without you? You understand my inadequacies and always reassure me of how much greatness lies within me. Esé mà.

My mum and I

My mum and I

My mother is teller of bedtime stories, a packer of lunches, a dispenser of wisdom and a dryer of tears. From bandaging skinned elbows to helping out with homework, nobody does it like Mrs. Jumoke Oluwasegun – Iya mi. She is a complete mother. She typically does anything (decently) necessary to give her children good education, even if it requires her to borrow. And I can remember vividly that she left her job for a year to take care of me when I was terribly ill. She even forfeited her promotion. She shared in my pain and horror while comforting me at the same time. I will never forget certain memories; trips to University Teaching Hospitals, Prayer Mountains, and our marathon deliverance sessions at MFM, “we conquered mum.”

There is no woman like my mother. How incredibly strong is she? Do I know anyone stronger? She has never given up on me; she put her entire being into raising me, providing for me and finding a fertile ground for me to prosper. No woman is greater than the one who fights your war (on her knees) when you sleep, that is my mother – Ojuloge (sexy eyes) – I hope to marry a lady who possess some of the virtue she possesses. She is a superwoman, my super hero. I love her beyond comprehension.

On this special day, I pray that your mother and mine live long to enjoy the harvest of their sacrificial labour over us in sound health. That all true mothers will know peace over their children and that all prospective ones will be graced with the heart of motherhood, and above all, that the mothers of the missing Chibok girls (future mothers too) find them in peace soon. Amen. On behalf of all sons and prospective fathers, I say we love you and we will make you proud. Happy mother’s day.

A minute silence for all the mothers that lost to death during the labour of child birth; May their souls rest in peace.

N.B: Happy birthday to my Editor @Niyikanmbi (follow him on twitter), he is a brother and a true friend. Live long and prosper brother.

Kindly use the comment to wish our mums a happy mother’s day. Thanks

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  • Happy Mother’s day to My Mum Iya Ajet and all the wonderful mothers that have always stood by me most especially Mummy Falaiye, Mummy Ibitoye and Mummy Derin. And to my yet to know mother(My future wife). Love you all.

    • Thanks for reading brova

  • #femifragile… Well done dear


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