Never Her Fault

Never Her Fault

She blamed herself for what happened.

She allowed the vain tongues of society to diminish her worth.

Her scar was continually bruised to bleed freshly,

She hated her humanity so much her womanhood became her curse.

No one believed her story, so she began to crucify herself,


‘I shouldn’t have had much drink’

‘My dress was too short’

‘I shouldn’t have been too open’

‘Maybe it wouldn’t happen if I didn’t hug him’


She called them reasons, but they were condemnation with no justification for the insane act.

She couldn’t heal, she refused to forgive herself.

Her thoughts raged with memories of how he tore through her and ripped off her pride.

She said no to him but it didn’t matter, he was a beast.

She couldn’t live with it,

First, she died inside, then she took her own life.


No one made her realize that it wasn’t about what she didn’t do right, but indeed what he did wrong.

If it ever happened to you, I want you to know it is never your fall. Whatever you didn’t do right wasn’t an invitation. Forgive yourself and let the healing travel through your body to your soul. Refuse to be a victim, come out victorious and fight beasts like him by protecting other girls from falling prey.

Rape is never the fault of the victim. It is the responsibility of the villain. He should get the cross, not the other way round.

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