Mr Miss-fortune (#DontBeBadLock)

Mr Miss-fortune (#DontBeBadLock)

My mother said to me,

“Ajumobi O’kan taanu, eni Oluwa ba ran sini, ni seeni l’oore. It is life’s imperfection that help never comes from where we anticipate it.”

It never occurred to me that the one who wouldn’t pull me up would dedicate his life to bringing me down.

Lived through life together but he would rather see me suffer.

He calls me brother but only pretends to bother.

He sees my hunger then buys me a burger, makes me full today as long as I am empty tomorrow, so he gets to control appetite again.

It is fine as long as I follow his footsteps, envious whenever I breakthrough.

When I raise my stakes for more, he becomes an obstacle in love;

Tossing me around till my passion diminishes to mediocre.

“Orisa boo le gbemi, semi boo se bami.”

No, he is only happy about my progress as long as he is doing better.

Once, I shared my plans with him, he convinced me that it wasn’t good enough.

Twice, that’s how many times I have applied in the firm he works with, I later found out he held back his approval.

Whenever I turn, he is there to make sure I beg for his help, yet he never renders.

He breezes kindness to rekindle the fire of suffering.

He allows me to go to wherever he thinks I won’t grow.

All the while, I thought he wished me the best until I figured that best wishes don’t mean much.

When I finally decided to break free, he called me ungrateful.

Manifested his sense of entitlement, reminding me I owed him for all the limiting meals he bought me.

To him, I would never be a brother, just an ass kisser slaving for a love so deceitful.

I would have been one locked with the shackles of his beautiful lies.

Shots by @sb_photography00

Retouched: @sheyo_becks

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