Labors of our heroes past

Labors of our heroes past


Whup! Whup!

I felt the horse whip on my back

Move! Move!

The slave master commanded

My legs felt like a burden unto me

I wanted to fight for freedom

But No! My hands were in chains

My legs were in shackles

My lips were sealed with locks

I wore a necklace that connected me to my co-slave.

And so I asked myself, when shall we be free from this wicked soul?


The humiliation of our women

The exploitation of our men’s strength

The extortion of our arts

The disrespect for our culture

The trampling upon of our tradition

The separation of color,

All killed me alive


I was filled with anger

I wanted revenge.

I stood up once, but fell back twice

Tears rained from my eyes

I had no strength left in me

I was kicked around like a ball and

Made to work like a horse

Total tyranny


Help! Help!!

I heard my sister cry

She was taken into the masters’ court as a “whole” woman, but she came back incomplete, with blood dripping between her legs.

Her hair was scattered

Her wrapper was torn

Her legs were shaking.

Her dignity was gone


She was my only surviving hope

She was the reason why I was in captive.

And now she’s at the verge of death.

My spirit grieved as I watched her die in my arms.

And then I asked myself; when will freedom come?

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  • Uhmmmm. Deep! Freedom is near! Let’s all be prayerful


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