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Echoes of My Journey

The beginner’s phase of my career just ended but you must understand that it wasn’t an easy journey. By now I am sure you already know that good is never easy, achieving the best takes hard work and consistency. I am tempted to tell you consistency got me here but the truth remains there were days when consistency wasn’t enough. ... Read More »

Demand the dime

As long as you work for it every dime you make matters. The moment you realize what defines wealth isn’t the number of currencies you have but how much you value your little profit, you are ready to acquire wealth. It is difficult to grow a business or develop oneself when you don’t appreciate the little increase you make or ... Read More »

Ignore the Distance

One of the secrets of success is that it brings confidence. It is easy to grow you self-esteem and develop your belief system when you taste success. It gives you the assurance that you can do more. The essence of this is to help you understand that nothing can be achieved in a rush. If you want your big dream ... Read More »

Emergence of the cooking pen

R-Earth-Lity Friday is the day we share the life changing stories of certain significant individuals to encourage and teach us vital lessons to smoothen our journey through life. I made a shortlist of people who are qualified for this category; sought few out and listened to the tale of how the fought through pain to victory. In the process of ... Read More »

Bullet to the heart

What do you do when all you live for is gone? My name is Johnson and today may be the last day of my life. If it is, then it is the on becoming of a widow. The misfortune that got me here is that there will be no child to miss me. I killed someone. I put a shotgun ... Read More »


If I am asked to count my blessings, I’d count her a million and one times over. If the world avails me the privilege to express myself about her, I’d never run out of words to say. We don’t get to choose our womb partner(s), we simply hope for the best person. Someone who will embrace our imperfection countless times, ... Read More »

The Right Relationship

The only relationship I am into that holds no iota of insecurity is one with God. I do not know anyone else who embraces my strengths and weaknesses without playing on my imperfection. No wonder He isn’t a man. There are so many failed relationships because everyone wants what’s good for them irrespective of whether or not it is good ... Read More »

Super Four

I am evidence that God doesn’t turn His back on anyone. When the going gets tough, He is simply crafting you for greatness. Of course that’s if you allow him. The blog will be 4 years old tomorrow and I’m amazed at how far we’ve come together. It can only be God and His grace. We are not close to ... Read More »

The Vow

My woman, standing here with you in this moment is the new beginning I have always relished. I’ve been on a lot of trips, been with many girls and the excitement I have experienced before now is nothing compared to how I feel knowing you are finally mine, Iyawo mi, here’s my vow to you. I want you to know ... Read More »


Dad, There has never been a time I have needed you more than right now. There was drought that made me in dire need of the rain, it never occurred to me to make a drainage. Now that there’s flood, I’m not quite sure of how to paddle through these unsteady waters. I can’t help but think that things would ... Read More »