African Warrior

African Warrior

You can feel his courage from miles away,

With heart beating passionately for the service of his people.

Carved in the strength of a man drenched by life’s imperfection, he fights for tomorrow even when he knows he could draw his last breath in battle,

Despair always hid in his heart but his eyes never betray him.

The purpose for which he thrives is his selfless love for the motherland,

The hope on which it survives is the fortune time will bring the fatherland.

With dignity so priceless, the scars on his body are his

trophies of war,

One to show the horror he lived through, each representing the number of times he defeated death.

He never sleeps and hardly slumbers, always prepared to defend his territory against the enemy.

He is always away from home pushing his spear through the heart of savages who defile the honour of the motherland.

His triumph is the wheel that plunges us ahead into a brighter future,

He lives but is forever awaken to the consciousness of death.

A brave heart and relentless warrior,

The pride of Africa and the price of her victory,

He is a ruthless fighter and soulful lover.

Narrated for Sheyo Becks: @sb_photography00 on Instagram.

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