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Sex is sacred

I have had sex before, I am not a virgin (LMAO). I am very familiar with the warmth that meets a man’s penis when it plunges into the slippery sea to which only a man can feel but never know its end. I have experienced the momentarily stupefy that hits the spine, that of pleasure, when it’s time for ejaculation. I have said things that defiles my sanity in real life just to enjoy the sensual of a sexual moment. I have hit a cloud nine, applauded and rewarded for it, through another round of sex nevertheless, I have also released prematurely within the space of two minutes, I have been despised but then, it takes two to tangle. When any of my partners doesn’t derive satisfaction, it’s either a shared responsibility or a colossal failure on my part. I have been in lust, only to be lost without a reason. I am a sucker for a lady with hips, having a waist to hold unto, makes me feel in charge. Trust me, I know a good ass when I see one. In my modest state, I still admire a culpable breast when the ladies of the world reveal the cleavage. After all I am human.

Recall your sexual adventures or escapades? It is a part of one’s life. I am sure it happens to you also. I am disciplined with my sex life but I feel too. Show me someone who has never been horny, that person is a fake honey. There can be a scientific explanation for this feeling but permit me to state that sex is spiritual and we must take caution while disbursing our soul, because like genotype, not everyone you sleep with is compatible, void of STIs, STDs and unwanted pregnancy. The temptation is ever compelling. I’m not sure how I will handle a horny feeling tomorrow, in this moment however, I am content with celibacy.

Beyond the pleasure it holds, that of immorality or sanity, sex is spiritual. You read that right. Immorality when you know it’s good but wrong. Sanity when it is good and right. I have raised arguments about premarital sex in recent times, testing the waters like we call it. While majority sided with premarital sex as a way of having a great sex life after marriage, there has always been the thought of those who lost their lives or missed out on their purpose because of it.


For the ladies: sexual infection like HIV, unwanted pregnancy that derailed one’s journey to the future, choosing abortion and ruining the womb. It is okay to add yours to the list.

For the guys, it is the misfortune that comes with bonding with a soul that’s not yours because you can’t keep your dick asleep between your legs. Once upon a time a lady who a colleague of mine impregnated and dumped during service year, dealt with him mysteriously. He suffered from enuresis (bed wetting) until the lady forgave him. I’ll save the details for another post. Sexual infection happens with guys too.

A sensual touch sends chills to your spine. The pleasure you feel in that moment slaves your thoughts, you’re so into it and you don’t just want to stop. When the deed is done, you know what crosses your mind. Sometimes you wish you didn’t do it. Most times you long for more. At the end of it all, that moment was just a moment, memorable or not. Most of us don’t even want to remember what sex with someone was like. Why? Because they aren’t worthy. I have severally heard people say similar things too, “I had sex with him/her and I enjoyed a spell of misfortune.” What explanation best suits that horror than the fact that two souls that aren’t good for each other bonded?

You might want to argue, like I used to, that it’s just a coincidence. Is it still a coincidence when you feel peace after having sex with one and chaos after sex with another? Is it still a happening of chance that you choose when to make love and when you just want to get laid, the feeling varies? Reason is that moods, seasons, people, time, and place aren’t the same. As individuals we have different capabilities. The sex that refilled one’s strength will sap another’s energy. If celibacy is hard, why not choose a partner, life partner? Is it safe to infect your soul and spirit with the burden from another? I know it’s not as easy as I write but we can’t run away from it.

When you moan, sometimes you’re not even sure of what you are saying. Other times you just want the person to feel excited. Nothing that is physical doesn’t have a shadow of spirituality. That’s how we were engineered, to feel powerfully, sometimes beyond comprehension. Hence the justification for the need to be cautious. You can’t just have sex for the purpose of increasing your body count. Even sex serves a purpose. A quick reflection:

Why do you close your eyes when you kiss, then breath easy as though your heart isn’t racing in that moment? Spiritual!

How does it feel to hold hands with someone you’re in love with for the first time? The nervousness and excitement at the same time – Spiritual.

Now imagine how strong sex is.

I can’t judge anyone for doing for doing what they do but I can tell everyone there’s always room for improvement. It’s like charging your battery with a charger with a lower capacity, the performance of that battery drops. When reverse is the case, it could ruin the battery. What’s the wisdom in feeding on your allergies? You are allergic to certain people, to abstain from them requires recognition. It’s a shame that in this generation we just have sex because it’s the sweetest thing like a friend of mine said. We don’t even want to know if that person’s energy level matches ours.

A saint can become a sinner and a sinner a saint. Not all sinners become saints and definitely not all saints become sinners. Therefore, if you know a runs girl that got married and is happy or a prostitute that got out without a disease, don’t make it a yardstick for yourself because you don’t get paid for sex. As for the guys, why do you think women now stab men for cheating in marriages or relationships. A pain is ignited that tears apart their soul and let’s evil in. The betrayal from you having to trade what they share with you with a stranger drives them to do the unbelievable. Still think sex isn’t spiritual?

This is my opinion and I am responsible for it. If the word spiritual doesn’t work for you, replace it with sacred – Sex is sacred.

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