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Sex: A Tool or Gift?

I’d have sworn that it was all love if it hadn’t ruined us.

It was how we found ourselves, yet how we lost each other.

It was the word we never said and the one we always expressed.

It was how we reconnected after thundering at each other, there was no greater apology.

It was what we always did and the only thing we didn’t attempt not to do.

It was our truth, it soon became a lie, one of our lives.

It was our escape from reality and our passage into the metaphysical.

It was all that mattered amidst all other matters.

It has a name, they call it Sex, we called it everything.

We gave ourselves to it and lost sight of what is more to what we had, what we could have shared.


It saved us from the horror that drove us to the place we met

Then plunged us beyond our comprehension,

Only to leave us stranded when we could no longer live without it.

Sex was how we met.

Sex was all that made sense.

Sex drove a wedge between us, when all of it became inadequate.

Club Sexual…

The dance house with naked girls, disco light and melodic blues.

Flirt Vodka

I had gulped quite a quantity.

Cold soda

That was what she ordered.

She was as good as beauty and as true as an open secret.

I made my move, perhaps one night with her could cure my pain.

I soon realized she too had her story, a bigger share of a lover’s pain.

So sensual how a conversation ensued.

I am Seth, she Beth.

We laughed silly and danced dirty.

She held my hand and I touched her heart, through her breast.

With vibrating desires our eyes locked, our lips too.

With heavy whispers of a placed called home, we wandered on till we reached my abode.

With clothes flying all over in desperation and hands exploring each other’s sacred temple, we discovered my bed.

Sex, that was how we came to be.

I came from the betrayal of a girlfriend.

She arrived from a place that belonged to side chicks who didn’t realise it until it was late.

We consoled each other, sex in another round, we didn’t have better words nor worlds.

Lust in love?

Lost in love?

Lost in lust?

We didn’t care know, it didn’t matter.

We grew fond of each other, the sex was good.

Our world was a bed, we had sex all over.

Saying sorry was easy, ‘shut up and f*ck me.’

No questions were asked, ‘let’s not ruin the moment, come to bed.’

By sex we stayed fit, ‘how may calories did we just burn?’

For sex, we were opened to new discoveries… ‘I got another edition of Kama Sutra clips and magazines…’

‘What’s new?’

With sex, there was no problem.

The only problem was either of us being too tired.

After sex, she said yes, after a hot round on a sunny day.

‘Yes, I’ll marry you but first I’d give you some more of this cookie… Another round.”

We had no honeymoon, just sex.

Without sex, our life was incomplete,

Complete as long as we had it.

A complete union until a stray bullet caught my spine during a broad daylight robbery.

For better or worse, we had vowed,

For sex or nothing, our true intent.

You know the rest.

Sex ruined us!

Now you know, sex isn’t love.

It’s either a tool of love or a gift of love

Which should it be?

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