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Alexander’s OMO 2018: Book Review

OMO isn’t just a book, it is the Journey to the Future of a girl-child. There are some experiences we don’t wish to recover from, OMO is an art that I will carry in my being till my hair is grey. It is a practical advocacy for a better world for female children and an audible voice against child abuse, human trafficking and the girl-child marriage. This book is a revelation of the life we do not know and hope for the humanity we should embrace. If we would all see ourselves as responsible for every female child in shrouded places, we wouldn’t fold our hands and lay blames on politics and politicians.

Everyone is going through a phase, some very difficult, in the end we are mostly aware of those who made it through. We never bother about the ones who died in the process. We don’t give credit to the ones whose only misfortune was that they gave their soul in a bid to have a better life. We are quick to point damning fingers but do not consider what sacrifices have been made. If Omo had died, there would be no story. It would have been a case of life’s quiet tribute to an unsong hero.

Omo took me on a journey to self discovery, each chapter in the book unraveling mysteries unimaginable. It is a tale of how swift things can go wrong, then worse. A string of words that explains how our past can overtake the future just to haunt us. Omo is a book every family should own. An eye opener on how sensitive we should be about creating a better world for female children especially.

We must protect our own but first we must learn of the danger that lies ahead. This is the essence of OMO. The author @alexandereccentric did justice to this from the heart. You should own a copy.

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