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You are light

Imagine standing in front of a mirror, in the dark. You are aware that the mirror is there but you’re lost to the reflection of you it produces, because to see yourself in the true state of being requires a bit of light. To shine out demands mental liberation and mind illumination. No matter how beautiful you know you are, that knowledge becomes deniable if you’re stuck in darkness. Reason is because, you are blinded to reality, as well as everyone looking to appreciate your beauty.

One’s failure at times may be ascribed to lack of support from others, or in another case total disapproval from people who don’t consider one good enough. Truth is, there are so many talented and insignificant humans. People who are aware of their gifts and potentials but are blinded to how much power and life they carry. People who are scared of the possibilities within them, so they decided to shut their eyes to them. People who only dare, not to try.

Open your eyes. Turn on the light. Step outside from darkness.

No matter how familiar you are with an environment, no matter how much you’ve mastered a path, the likelihood of landing into a canal or slipping increases the moment you choose the blindfold.

I know a friend who is a talented vocalist, nothing more. He can sing, he has a great voice, but that’s only within his room and bathroom. Ask him why he doesn’t want to try, he’d give you loads of excuses, none of which makes sense. He is scared of failing so bad he created an escape route for light and lurk in darkness. He manifested failure by building a wall around his heart.

You need light to shine. That light is the strong belief you have about your talent when no one considers it worthy. It is the risk you take when the odds are against you. It is consistency during little or no growth. It is resilience, and perseverance. That light is you, you are all you need to shine. You just have to try, try again and keep trying till you make your mark. You will as long as you find light to shine.

Light is an opportunity on its own, not just the type that comes knocking. The type you must search for continually and be obsessed about.

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