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There will be no helper without the helped

When your dream eventually comes through, I want you to remember that you owe yourself the best life. Every other person comes after.


One of the cankerworm that feeds on success is the pressure that comes with wanting to attribute it to everyone you came across on that journey. Hence trying to conform to a lifestyle that pleases people which automatically reduces the potency of that success.

No man is an island and as such we will always need people on our journey to support us. Please note that those people also walk with other people on their journey too. In fact, when someone helps you, as it is in some cases, they gain more. It only looks like their doing you a huge favour because you think they are better than you. Only if you knew that the fact that someone is better placed in status doesn’t make them better than you. We see rich people who ride on the wings of average persons. It’s basically because they understand they need them to survive.

The point is that you don’t owe anyone anything. Of course, no one owes you anything also. It is a simple law of push or lifting. The pusher is moving ahead themselves, and the lifter is already up, expanding his territory by bringing others towards him. Hence, when you dream comes true, give yourself some accolades. You are worthy.

No amount of push given to a dead man will lead to an achieved goal. Your existence automatically makes you a crucial essence of the help. The concept of the helper will be useless without the helped wasn’t available.

There are two types of entitlement mentalities:

1. The demanding: thinking someone owes you everything or something tangible.

2. The supplier: thinking you owe someone everything or something tangible.

While people that fall in the former are mostly overconfident and arrogant, people who belong to the latter are of low self-esteem and pitiful. Don’t be stuck on either side, staying on the fence is allowed here. It is called modesty.

The lesson here is not to disregard people who helped you. Respect them, be loyal but do not ever mistake loyalty for total submission. Loyalty is true, total submission is simply giving your life away.

In the end, the concept of help is that you pay it forward – what you think you owe. Don’t be a people pleaser. You owe yourself the best life first. In rewarding others be objective else you’ll fade away. Success and emotions aren’t best friends.

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