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Journey to the Future – (Review) By Adetola Adegbohun

Gripping, Pulsating, and extremely engaging. More like a book I’ve not read in a long time. Femi showed me real life in the way it should be.

He dwelled on the life we find ourselves, detailing on what life is for a lot of people. Situations, Experiences, Tragedy, Life, Love, and Living – This is that piece that should have multiple sequels.

Journey to the Future is a gripping tale of how a singular event can lead to multiple chains of reactions which has the propensity to change the course of one’s life forever.

Anxiety, terror, sadness all rolled into one. C’mon Femi, at some point I had to drop this to breathe. Where did you get such creativity and inspiration from?

A creative masterpiece of someone who has been through life and not vice versa.

Thank you Femi Fragile for using your ink for this.
I know a bit of your story and I can see a bit of it on here.
I know my story and this book is not far from the life that has happened to me.

Have you read a Journey to the Future?
Oh For the life of Me, You should COP one, and beat my ass if it doesn’t pull your emotions out of its strings.


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