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Green hostel 2 -1

SADIST: Life was no longer the same in Green Hostel after Kunle’s demise. Okoro beat himself up about it for weeks. On certain days, he’d sit alone at night and drown his soul in cheap whiskey. He said and did little, and the only constant factor about him remained his expression of words in Pidgin English. On other days, he spoke to himself in his transfixed state, always asking between sorrowful sighs,

Shey na like that person dey pef?”

Of course, I didn’t tell him I had the chance to turn Margeret in. How would I explain the fact that I passed on the chance to give Kunle the justice he deserves because I was all about protecting Tola whom I cared about? I bottled that guilt in me every day till I began to find comfort in my sympathy for Margeret. As a member of the Sea Lion Fraternity, I am not supposed to feel a little too much but I guess I am human after all. Listening to Margeret’s rape story after she defended Tola against Loko made me weak. In my quiet mystery, I would have suffocated her with a polythene bag and dumped her corpse while the world slept. Brings to memory one of the kills I made for the brotherhood; I appeared from the shadow on my victim’s way from night class, caught him unawares, drove my dagger into his back till I confirmed it had pierced his heart, pulled it out and left him to die while I disappeared into the shadow again. How difficult is it for a man as devious as that to stumble on a conscience? I gave Margeret a pass and made her swear never to return to campus.

Loko’s disappearance rumoured to have been dead in an attempt to escape police custody, I later learned from Monday, the C.O of the cadet was a lie. The true story according to him was that Loko got bailed by his father who forced him to relocate abroad. Whichever is true, I can live with the fact that I no longer have to watch my back because of the threat he posed. I was summoned by the ruling council and heavily fined for handing him over to the cadet instead of taking revenge for members of the Sea Lion fraternity that died by his hand. I was temporarily demoted as the hitman and tasked with the responsibilities of a diver, which is an office allocated to newly initiated members. I had to transport and service ammunitions discretely. Who brought it to the council’s knowledge that I let Loko go? Remember I told you every cult group on campus has a spy in the cadet. It’s a dirty game; you are either all in or out.

Green hostel became quieter by the day. Tola and I drifted apart; perhaps as a result of the horror that almost claimed her life. Two days after the incident she woke me up around 5:30 am and asked that we stopped seeing each other.

“Since I came into your life everything seems to have gone sour. I think it’s safer that we stay away from each other till things level up.”

“You mean, since I stormed your life, unsettled your relationship with Loko, brought you close to death because of desire for revenge?” I knew what she was getting at and I wasn’t willing to have her blackmail me emotionally by trying to take the whole blame. I sat up from my sleeping position, sighed and simply analyzed,

“This isn’t on you. I didn’t plan to fall in love with you, it just happened. The goal is to make you happy, feel loved and secure. If I have to keep my distance to make that happen, I won’t fight it.”

I kissed her forehead, rose up from the bed and exited her room. I made a conscious effort not to cross her path the following week. Same week Prof rushed up to me after I got back from class and let his porous mouth run,

“Amiable Mr Chucks, I hate to be the conveyer of such heartbreaking news but it is life’s irony that I am also pleased to be the first to bring it to your attention that the woman upon whose existence your heart meddles in peace and drowns in unrivalled happiness is no more.”

I pulled him over anxiously and enquired who he was referring to, “who is no more?”

“Tola is no more,” he replied with a frown and a bit of lackadaisical attitude.

“What do you mean she is no more?” I thundered,

“Exactly what it means for someone to be no more; she is extinct in flesh and present in spirit, preferably in your heart. Sorry man.”

I sank into the floor and burst into tears, it was the most miserable moment of my life. I yelled at the heavens,

“Baba God, you no try. Why you go kill my babe?”

I have never been so angry.

Same time next week


  1. Good to have green hostel back… more ink to your own femifragile… looking forward to subsequent episodes

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