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Break the Silence

I woke up to a very motivating message from a friend and it inspired this post. She talked about ‘breaking the silence’ and related it to quite a number of phases in life. While I digested the message, it stuck on my conscience that I have been silent in some aspects of my life. Take for instance blogging, my last post here was on the last day in May. Why the silence? There are a lot of reasons to be silent but they are all excuses, ways of escaping from a situation, not getting something done or in most cases emotional stubbornness. The last phrase because silence is an emotional expression of anger, frustration, depression or laziness as the case may be. Dear, silence isn’t always golden. Except it heals you, calls for your progress, and genuinely make you happy, it is dangerous.

I decided to break my long silence from blogging and I urge you to do the same in vital areas of your life. You don’t need to be noisy but it is important for the world and your immediate environment to understand your personality and purpose.  The greatest quality of the dead isn’t eternal rest, it is eternal silence. Void of various superstitions or beliefs like reincarnation, no one truly know if they are resting soundly. You’ll get adequate time for such quietness when you die, now is the time to make a move.

I realized that I have been mute about certain projects I started because I couldn’t finish them, I am breaking the silence. I have hurt myself continuously because of some poorly handled relationship and communication problems, I keep quiet, hoping that will make it right. Henceforth, I refuse to hold any grudge. In short, life is too short not to say or do what needs to be done. Silence doesn’t complement good intentions or plans.

Why the silence? Fear of the unknown? Break the silence, it never kills. If you love someone, tell them. Make your intentions known to that person you desire. Begin that project, if you fail you gain experience. Having doubts about your relationship? Talk about it, don’t die in silence. Struggling with life’s irregularities? Talk to someone. Express yourself to whoever hurt you. Manifest your potential by expressing your capabilities. If you are being abused, don’t break yourself in silence. Whatever is going on with you, break the silence!

When a soldier charges and attack, he screams as a sign of courage. Silence is fear tamed on the inside, it devours your soul by trying to force itself out. Let it out!

The 30 Days writing challenge begins today, kindly drop topics you’d like to read about on any other suggestions on how to make it a success. By the way my friend blogs at, check her out.

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