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Green Hostel 9

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MAGARET: Let me restate the fact that the biggest regret of my life was that Kunle met his death through me. Them say every good thing must come to an end. No be me write am, naso he dey for bible. I am still being sought by the police for murder but I couldn’t pass the chance to tell my side of the story when Chucks reached out. Based on logistics, everything just happen like dream. The sight of Loko trying to rape Tola took me back to my nightmare, my childhood, the place it all began. I pulled the trigger and my purpose for being there changed. The bullet braced his shoulder and sent him reeling towards the wall. He hit his head and became unconscious, he bled out slowly too. In that war I experienced sudden peace knowing that Tola wouldn’t be victimized. That was the second time in my life I had to pull the trigger. The 4mm pistol fell off my hand and I ran towards Tola to hug her. I wanted her to feel safe, she held me tight too.

SADIST: I didn’t see that coming. I definitely didn’t expect that we’d be saved by an enemy. Loko dropped to the ground and I made my move. I disarmed him completely then went ahead to stop the bleeding. I ripped off his shirt and applied pressure on the wound. Tides changed, Tola experienced serenity within Margaret’s arm. Loko started regaining consciousness so I struck him where the neck and the spine meet. He went numb again. For a moment it occurred to me that no one in the hostel had come to knock in order to inquire what was happening, not even Okoro or Prof. Someone must have heard the gunshot; I had to think of a cover story. I decided to peep through the window and realized the hostel was quiet. What was happening? I looked at the girls and said,

“Take a deep breath; I am going to step out for a minute. I’ll be back soon. Do not open this door for anyone but myself.” They nodded to acknowledge they understood and I stepped into the corridor discreetly. I approached the gate and caught sight of students gathering. It was practically 80% of students that resided in the school gate. It didn’t take me time to locate Okoro. I hastened over and pulled me out of the crowd.

Guy, wetin dey sup for this background?” I questioned him.

O boy, na one trailer jam Akoto wey students full inside. The driver don move. All ten person pikin don dead. Na try we dey try comot them dead body, the scene bloody die.” Akoto is the name of a small passenger bus that conveys students from town to campus and vice versa.

Before he was done explaining there was already a long line of immobile cars on both sides of the roads.

Nawa o!” I exclaimed. I waited with him for a while before excusing myself to use the toilet. “I will be back soon” I told him.

I rushed inside and put a call through to Monday, my course mate who also happens to be the Commanding Officer of the Cadet Corps on campus. The easiest explanation to their role is to call them the student arm of the army tasked with the responsibility of bringing cultist to justice. Though their style and approach sometimes was considered as too violent, they got the job done. They helped reduce oppression while securing the lives of innocent students. The twist to the whole thing is even the Cadet can’t be trusted. Few of them were double agents while others knew who the cultists are. To go to war with a particular fraternity is to be a peace with the other; the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Monday was one of the few good Cadet Officers and also their leader. By good I mean there’s a humane side to his approach but that doesn’t stop him from unleashing his beast whenever there was need for it. I am not sure of his thoughts afterwards but before the call he saw me as a Jew.

“Mr. Monday please where are you?” I asked.

“Philosopher Chucks hope all is well” he replied. We had mutual respect for each other. I narrated a lie to him but it didn’t matter, all that mattered to him was that I was offering him Loko on a platter of gold. Prior to the call he had a personal vendetta against Loko for killing one of his officers.

“Keep him there, I will rally some men and be with you in ten minutes.” Monday confirmed. I proceeded to tying Loko’s hands to his legs with the rope from the fetcher in Tola’s room. He soon became conscious again but harmless. I wiped the blood that splashed over the place and put wallpaper where the bullet housed itself. I confirmed that no one was watching then moved with the girls to my room after locking Loko up in Tola’s room.

Monday called on his arrival and I told him to check beneath the foot mat for the key to the room I described to him. They were able to move him out before most of the hostel mates returned but their presence was known to Prof and Brother Marcus. Both men sought me out that night for an explanation but I didn’t give them the desired response. Loko was handed over to the SARS department of the police two days later. He never got out alive. Report was that he was shot while trying to escape, nobody cares what truly happened.

Tola was now fast asleep. Margaret sat there helplessly, she wept quietly since she pulled the trigger. It’s funny how a killer can become a lifesaver. Curiousity prompted me to ask,

“Why did you stop him from doing it? What got you here? Why did you kill Kunle?”

She lay on her back and narrated as she will now, for the second time.

MAGARET: My life stopped the first time I pulled the trigger. I became a murderer at 15. It was my uncle, Sly. He raped me every day since my parents died in car accident. Life is unfair but rape was fair enough until he introduced me to the darkest state of sexual immorality. My name isn’t Margaret; I was christened Emem meaning peace, I changed my name the moment my life became chaotic. This is my story.

Same time, next week.

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