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Demand to know

No matter how good you are at what you do, things won’t happen for you until the time is right and you are ripe. This doesn’t mean you are not good enough, it simply means you can’t afford to begin then stop. Being successful requires a lot. It is a fusion of talent/skill, diligence, passion, discipline, insight, structure and loads of others. While you may not need all of these features at once, you must understand that there are particular ones vital to different phases of your journey through life. I know you have heard the say, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Let me also enlighten you that where talent lacks the right drive, he will work hard in vain. You can work hard for the wrong reasons, one of which is measuring your progress based on another man’s success. This is one of the easiest ways to fail.

No two persons want the same thing. What you consider as an end for yourself might be a route to another. Sometimes life isn’t as glamorous as it appears.

Your next door neighbor just got a brand new car while you are still struggling to save for your choicest fairly used late model. You suck up the thought and go hard on yourself; asking where you got it wrong and whether or not you are good enough. She is younger and works in bank, the dream job you have been struggling to acquire. You have what brings food to your table but you desire more. It’s okay to want more but please note that life is construed in a way that desires can’t produce a success you don’t deserve. You don’t deserve it doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard, it simply means there is something vital to that desire that you do not know yet. It is not always about what you have; sometimes it is about what you know too. Imagine waking up to realize that neighbor lost her job and car too; she bought it on a loan the bank imposed on their staffs. Would you still feel the same way? It might be difficult to always mind your business but it is important to always mind your life.

Life is a school; even at the pinnacle of your career you can’t stop learning. Learning triggers earning and vice versa. Instead of being unnecessarily bitter under a negative pressure, demand to know more. Growth and development requires a continuous process of self-renewal. As long as you keep learning in the right direction relevance is inevitable. Life is a race; we all can’t arrive at our destination at the same time. The closest time split will be a heartbeat away.

Focus on where you are and where you want to be. Spot the gap and fill it with your plans. Check how others got there and let that be your guide. Don’t just go through the process, grow through it. Always remember getting to the top is easier than staying at the top. Good things take time.

Go ahead and make a list of people who used to be relevant but suddenly went mute. What do you think happened to them? Let’s just say they rushed to school without their writing materials. Better late and great than rush and fade! Take your time.

This works for being single before marriage too. Read Echoes of My Journey and learn to survive through pain.

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