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Green Hostel 8

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SADIST: I was nervous for Tola. I couldn’t imagine any harm coming to the poor girl and I absolutely didn’t care if it was time for me to fall. I was aware of my metaphysical fortification but I wasn’t sure if my charms would work at such close range. I was desperate to make a move but the thought of what could happen to Tola made me reluctant. In those few minutes my T-shirt got soaked in my sweat, everywhere became abnormally hot. After several rounds of flashy thoughts I realized Loko and Margaret wouldn’t want to create a scene in the hostel in broad daylight. My vamoosing confidence returned. Though still vibrating but I found my voice,

“What do you want?”

The question was directed at no particular person and so I anticipated an answer from either of them. Tola was a gory sight; a confluence of tears and sweat on her face washed down her makeup to make a sea of ugly color. Her heartbeat was so intense it felt like her left breast was going to fall off. Every time she makes a sound Loko chokes her with his pistol. Her body trembled like a haggard generator. Instead of a reply to my question I got a heavy hit from Margaret on my shoulder.

Who dash you mind to analyze? I go take this gun tear that liver wey dey boost your muscle na na na!” Margaret slapped my head as she thundered. The rage that erupted within me only amounted to tears. I felt bad because my boldness was being molested by a woman.

Correct! Sadist dey cry? No be man you be? Coward! Oya fight na, save your babe na. Only you carry chest for head declare bounty for me after you don fall my men for battle way. I told you bro. I warned that I will be right behind you.” Loko boasted then pulled the safety of the gun.

“Please don’t kill her,” I begged for Tola’s life. “I am willing to make any deal. If na die make I die but abeg free Tola, abeg.”

I was finally broken. In that moment I couldn’t discern which was my weakness, Tola or my love for her. The orientation of the Sea Lions always stated women as a weakness; have as many as you desire sexually but never take your heart into it. I went against the code and was ready for the consequences. How did Margaret and Loko meet? All efforts to connect that dot were futile as I was only focused on the fear of the unknown.

Today isn’t the day you die,” Loko began. Margaret light a stick of cigarette, took a long drag and puffed it on my face. “This one na to make you see say I dey ten steps ahead of you. Margaret give am your terms.” Loko leaned back. Margaret spent detailed time on smoking before she could say a word.

Nor dey reason to come after me again if you nor want make you babe lost. Based on logistics, say your friend die for my hand na mistake but that spanner don lost, gimme chance make I settle. Bros as the level be if you nor free me and this nigga, this nigga go jigga your chikka o.” Margaret meant Loko would kill Tola if I keep coming after either of them.

“You heard her. Stop coming after us. If ekelebe wan burst us make dem chance us based on manpower, no be your job to whistle coded info to them ear. If you rat you go misplace. I don clear you.” Ekelebe is slang for Policemen.

Loko pulled his gun from Tola’s mouth then ordered Margaret,

Guard am well, kiss am gun for skull.” He then proceeded to slapping Tola while demanding her to pull her pant. He wanted to have a go at her.  “Nothing bad if me and my ex go one round. Give me one for the road.” Tola was hesitant.

Guy no do that one. No try a!” I thundered silently. Margaret struck my neck with the gun and ordered me to keep quiet. Loko gained fresh confidence from Margaret’s defense of him and suddenly tore Tola’s bum short and pant at one stroke. I wouldn’t have him rape her but I was one step behind, Margaret cocked her gun and screeched at him,

If you comot your dick I go burst the head. Why you wan rape the babe? So if I no gree you fuck na to rape me too. You be another animal like uncle Sly. Bastard scum obote!”

She pulled the trigger.

Same day,  next week.


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  1. if only we can have this everyday… brings back memories from University days…. keep the good work up Fragile

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