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I’ve lost contact with that world With it’s abnormal dimensions and Geometrical architecture that speaks The truth of an only. I now sing Shirk and think it wise when I dance to the “strangers” music and mingle Among the “commoners” wishes.   I pray to no direction and Act out no ablution. Woe be the compass and be burnt every ... Read More »

Beauty from pain

Now is not the time to give up. I know life can be hard, I understand how it feels to keep trying without the slightest result to show for it. If you don’t feel the losses; if they don’t hurt or humble you, that’s when you know you’re not cut out for the life you deserve. Embrace your pains and ... Read More »


I was having an assessment of my life so far over the weekend. How far have I come? How did I get here? And most especially, why am I still standing? I’ve had help, thank God. After several hours of pondering about it, I came to the conclusion that I am unique. I am because despite what life has thrown ... Read More »

Green Hostel 2 – 2

“Baba God? Kill your babe?” Prof muttered distortedly as he walked away, stopped abruptly then approached me again. This time making a mockery of the misunderstanding he created with his damning choice of words and infuriating me to the point of uncontrollable anger. “It is sad to see you express so much unbelievable naivety at such simple expression of grammar. ... Read More »

How do you know who wants you?

Let’s discuss getting the man or woman you desire to date you. It’s rare to find a relationship where partners just became an item without either of them making a move on the other. The in thing is embracing courage and asking each other out, doesn’t matter who does it, though that is a responsibility that has been willed to ... Read More »

Parent-Child Preference and Comparison

You must have heard of parents who swap their children’s birthright for different reasons. That’s what this post is about. Should parents have favourites among their kids? I think such preferential treatment can bring about enmity within siblings. Do you agree? It’s obvious that all fingers aren’t equal but do we need to intimidate the shortest? Isn’t it beautiful to ... Read More »

The Other Side of Femi Fragile 6

Its day 6, thanks for joining me. Birthday is in 3 days. My favorite musician as a kid was Micho Ade, I loved his popular track Ogun L’aye – Life is war. The tough conditions under which I had to thrive always reminded me of the lyrics that translates as, “I didn’t know life was a battlefield, I’d have been ... Read More »

Stop Struggling, Be Spontaneous

I write (or scribble as the case may be) every day but I don’t wake up every day feeling inspired to write. There are days when I wake up to stare at life without a clue of what message it has for me to share with you. On certain days this is because what I desire to share isn’t what ... Read More »

Echoes of My Journey

The beginner’s phase of my career just ended but you must understand that it wasn’t an easy journey. By now I am sure you already know that good is never easy, achieving the best takes hard work and consistency. I am tempted to tell you consistency got me here but the truth remains there were days when consistency wasn’t enough. ... Read More »

Emergence of the cooking pen

R-Earth-Lity Friday is the day we share the life changing stories of certain significant individuals to encourage and teach us vital lessons to smoothen our journey through life. I made a shortlist of people who are qualified for this category; sought few out and listened to the tale of how the fought through pain to victory. In the process of ... Read More »