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Sex is sacred

I have had sex before, I am not a virgin (LMAO). I am very familiar with the warmth that meets a man’s penis when it plunges into the slippery sea to which only a man can feel but never know its end. I have experienced the momentarily stupefy that hits the spine, that of pleasure, when it’s time for ejaculation. ... Read More »

Sex: A Tool or Gift?

I’d have sworn that it was all love if it hadn’t ruined us. It was how we found ourselves, yet how we lost each other. It was the word we never said and the one we always expressed. It was how we reconnected after thundering at each other, there was no greater apology. It was what we always did and ... Read More »

How to differentiate a love from a liar

Remember my piece on knowing who wants you? Yes! It wasn’t written because I had figured out how to spot someone who wants you in their lives. It was inspired by the slimy behaviour of spouses in a relationship: people who aren’t ready for a relationship but would rather disguise to be, with an unconscious purpose of passing time. There ... Read More »

What love did to us

See what love did to us. We embraced the word but not its meaning and let it take charge of our emotions and humanity. We sought to maintain the status quo against all odds, and we got blinded to the hurt we were sowing. Love, it became an answer to all the questions I asked you. Love, it became an ... Read More »

How do you know who wants you?

Let’s discuss getting the man or woman you desire to date you. It’s rare to find a relationship where partners just became an item without either of them making a move on the other. The in thing is embracing courage and asking each other out, doesn’t matter who does it, though that is a responsibility that has been willed to ... Read More »

Green hostel 2 -1

SADIST: Life was no longer the same in Green Hostel after Kunle’s demise. Okoro beat himself up about it for weeks. On certain days, he’d sit alone at night and drown his soul in cheap whiskey. He said and did little, and the only constant factor about him remained his expression of words in Pidgin English. On other days, he ... Read More »

The vow, too

I have never been surer of anything in my life like the words I am about to express you in this moment. More than that, in a world where love fails and marriages, crumble on uncertainties, I keep unwavering faith in what we share. That I take you as my wife in this day, not as for better for us ... Read More »

Love, Choice and Consequences

I had plans of blogging about an entirely different topic but that can wait for later, this can’t. It is burning my soul. Before I proceed I’d like to be clear on something, “if you want to love or be loved, don’t play hide and seek or procrastinate, love and allow yourself to be loved.” I am not commanding, I ... Read More »

The Other Side of Femi Fragile 7

It’s okay to stop reading if the only way you will interpret this is through religion. I know what God expects of me. Read and don’t be a hypocrite. Its day 7, thanks for joining me. No one has even asked what I want for my birthday. Lmao! Be nice and ask.  Whenever I state that I have been single ... Read More »