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Green Hostel 2 – 3

Last week on Green Hostel Tola’s departure was what she called it. Leaving the shores of the country and never looking back except chance allows it. The type of chance that boils down to the next set of choices I make. The choice to nurture my good heart and grow into a better man or just live it all up; ... Read More »

The vow, too

I have never been surer of anything in my life like the words I am about to express you in this moment. More than that, in a world where love fails and marriages, crumble on uncertainties, I keep unwavering faith in what we share. That I take you as my wife in this day, not as for better for us ... Read More »

My 30th Reflection

It’s easy for me to stand here and reflect on how much sacrifices I made in the past but it is indeed God’s grace that got me here. I mean, I Olagbaju Emmanuel Abioye was a nobody who traded his sweats and time to become relevant. I was that young boy who had dreams of becoming a great man. I ... Read More »

The Other Side of Femi Fragile 3

The Other Side of Femi Fragile 1 The Other Side of Femi Fragile 2 Have you met my dad? Just in case you are wondering why I missed him so much, permit me to tell you little about him. I still miss him though. Father unlike every other was special in unique ways. He couldn’t give us everything we demanded ... Read More »

Mothers: gods among men

To be born by a woman is life’s greatest privilege, not like you can come to earth through a man but I guess that’s what makes it more beautiful. Though birthing a child takes place every minute, it still remains a scared act that underlines the essence of every man’s existence. It is always the hallmark of a new beginning; ... Read More »

Dark Side of Good.

I know a new episode of green hostel will thrill you or tease your emotions to being moved to tears by the dark side of life in a higher institution. However, I am set to break your heart by not posting it as planned. The same way life threatens our hope when it holds back what we long for. This ... Read More »

Love and Consequences

Anyone who claims to love must be willing to live with the consequences. I am talking about true love, the limitless point of unconditional sacrifices and unexplainable bond. My past relationships ended tragically; some too quick and sudden, others an absolute waste of my time. My greatest weakness is allowing myself to be used. These guys aren’t loyal. My friends ... Read More »


If I am asked to count my blessings, I’d count her a million and one times over. If the world avails me the privilege to express myself about her, I’d never run out of words to say. We don’t get to choose our womb partner(s), we simply hope for the best person. Someone who will embrace our imperfection countless times, ... Read More »

Super Four

I am evidence that God doesn’t turn His back on anyone. When the going gets tough, He is simply crafting you for greatness. Of course that’s if you allow him. The blog will be 4 years old tomorrow and I’m amazed at how far we’ve come together. It can only be God and His grace. We are not close to ... Read More »


Whosoever finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22 KJV) For every walk to the altar, there is always a love story to be told. I have interviewed several intending couples, but this is distinct. Everything about them shouted God – a solid foundation. They met by His ordinance, grew together in His ... Read More »