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Kneel By Mercy Oluwarinu

Bow at my feet and worship my sin Blessing my anatomy the morning glory Even as you drink the creamy sweetness Fruition produces.   Kneel and let the praises of “master” flow, silk Like the rushing fountain at eve time. Kneel and kiss my raw thighs in the heat of sweat, Letting your shameful bareness soothe my angry thrives, exalting ... Read More »

Green Hostel 2 – 3

Last week on Green Hostel Tola’s departure was what she called it. Leaving the shores of the country and never looking back except chance allows it. The type of chance that boils down to the next set of choices I make. The choice to nurture my good heart and grow into a better man or just live it all up; ... Read More »

The Other Side of Femi Fragile 6

Its day 6, thanks for joining me. Birthday is in 3 days. My favorite musician as a kid was Micho Ade, I loved his popular track Ogun L’aye – Life is war. The tough conditions under which I had to thrive always reminded me of the lyrics that translates as, “I didn’t know life was a battlefield, I’d have been ... Read More »

Independence: Freedom of Choice

Independence can mean a lot of things, but most importantly it means freedom. The ability to express yourself without any form of barrier: to stand for, by, and with yourself in life’s most difficult situations. Independence doesn’t mean rejecting help or counsel, which would be creating a strong but wrong impression. It is seeking help with the consciousness that the ... Read More »