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Journey to the future: My Chapters (5)

Journey to the future broaches the theme of God’s existence; it’s denial in the face of multiple misfortunes and tribulations. I remember the review of an author whom I handed some part of the manuscript to read. She said, How can one man go through these things and not lose his life except God designed his journey. Olufemi, this book ... Read More »

ABIKU (The withered fertility) By Mercy Oluwarinu

  Mama rues the days she bears me. Her tongue spits a burning fire, An antique dagger it remains In the heart of father.   In the wake of the sun she would curse her hidden stars. And in moon’s reign would praise the ancestral power Of the river goddess who smut her The wound of a withered fertility.   ... Read More »


I was having an assessment of my life so far over the weekend. How far have I come? How did I get here? And most especially, why am I still standing? I’ve had help, thank God. After several hours of pondering about it, I came to the conclusion that I am unique. I am because despite what life has thrown ... Read More »

Green Hostel 2 – 2

“Baba God? Kill your babe?” Prof muttered distortedly as he walked away, stopped abruptly then approached me again. This time making a mockery of the misunderstanding he created with his damning choice of words and infuriating me to the point of uncontrollable anger. “It is sad to see you express so much unbelievable naivety at such simple expression of grammar. ... Read More »

Echoes of My Journey

The beginner’s phase of my career just ended but you must understand that it wasn’t an easy journey. By now I am sure you already know that good is never easy, achieving the best takes hard work and consistency. I am tempted to tell you consistency got me here but the truth remains there were days when consistency wasn’t enough. ... Read More »

You & I

I have never experienced a prouder moment than right now. Counting my blessings hasn’t held more joy than in this moment. Breaking forth from the mental and physical captive that once held me, it is safe to conclude that I am no longer where I used to be and I am very much closer to where I ought to be. ... Read More »