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Journey to the future: My Chapters (5)

Journey to the future broaches the theme of God’s existence; it’s denial in the face of multiple misfortunes and tribulations. I remember the review of an author whom I handed some part of the manuscript to read. She said, How can one man go through these things and not lose his life except God designed his journey. Olufemi, this book ... Read More »


I’ve lost contact with that world With it’s abnormal dimensions and Geometrical architecture that speaks The truth of an only. I now sing Shirk and think it wise when I dance to the “strangers” music and mingle Among the “commoners” wishes.   I pray to no direction and Act out no ablution. Woe be the compass and be burnt every ... Read More »

Beauty from pain

Now is not the time to give up. I know life can be hard, I understand how it feels to keep trying without the slightest result to show for it. If you don’t feel the losses; if they don’t hurt or humble you, that’s when you know you’re not cut out for the life you deserve. Embrace your pains and ... Read More »

Green Hostel 2 – 2

“Baba God? Kill your babe?” Prof muttered distortedly as he walked away, stopped abruptly then approached me again. This time making a mockery of the misunderstanding he created with his damning choice of words and infuriating me to the point of uncontrollable anger. “It is sad to see you express so much unbelievable naivety at such simple expression of grammar. ... Read More »

You & I

I have never experienced a prouder moment than right now. Counting my blessings hasn’t held more joy than in this moment. Breaking forth from the mental and physical captive that once held me, it is safe to conclude that I am no longer where I used to be and I am very much closer to where I ought to be. ... Read More »

Super Four

I am evidence that God doesn’t turn His back on anyone. When the going gets tough, He is simply crafting you for greatness. Of course that’s if you allow him. The blog will be 4 years old tomorrow and I’m amazed at how far we’ve come together. It can only be God and His grace. We are not close to ... Read More »