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(*Storm is over – R.kelly* NP) It is the last week in the month of November, started from January now we’re here. Wow! Isn’t that lovely? We gat one month to go, its 2014 loading.. Take a minute to ponder on how the year has been so far, has every of your plan worked out? If it hasn’t, make sure ... Read More »


(*God is good – Don Moen* NP as intro) The greatest gift in life is the one we receive daily, a new day. Only the living gets that gift. If you’re logged unto BLOG F.M 111.1 right now, congratulations; you’re alive. My name is Fragile, the voiceless speaker, and I am saying Good Morning! How was your night? As for ... Read More »

Death; Friend or Foe?

I do not seek to write about love, neither do I intend to define hate, my pen bleeds to examine the unpredictable, the most dreadful, I speak of no other – Death, the only relative nobody wants to relate with until it comes calling. Do I need to remind you that you’re going to die one day? Don’t even pretend ... Read More »


(*Cool Temper – J Martins* NP on Background) Gooooooood Morninnnnnng World!!! What a beautiful saturday morning we have before our eyes. Wow! Anytime I look up and the sky is still in its position, I marvel at God’s supremacy. Nature is just unique.. You’re logged onto BLOG F.M 111.1, the 1st blog radio ever, has history will have it, and ... Read More »


(*Thank You – 2 face* NP on background) How else can we appreciate Him for the gift of life than to say “thank God its friday”. It is another beautiful Friday evening, one no man has experienced before, a day the Lord has made for us to merry and forget the challenges we encountered during the week.. You sure gonna ... Read More »


Whad’up! Whad’up!!! Great people of naija, how you doing today? My best guess is that you’re doing great, anything less of that is just a passing moment. Yes! Howz your day going? As for me the sun has been toning my brown skin into black, I’m sweating like a bottle of coke that just got out of a freezer. (*Hard ... Read More »


Dating back from the creation of the first man till now, women have been the cynosure of the world. They have always been in the heart of everything, either positive or negative. Nothing passes them by; the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is often said, “behind every successful man, there is a woman.” Who is behind the men ... Read More »

The Voiceless Speaker.

It flows through my veins till it reaches my heart My heart beats for it I fear for the day it will cease to flow So I pray it never stops It flows from my heart and connects my spine It is my life support It is home to my brain When its skin breaks it bleeds When its skin ... Read More »

Understanding Failure

I know you’ve heard the Abraham Lincoln story a dozen and one times., but I tell you, this is different. It’s straight from my heart to you. Yes. YOU. The thoughts and expectation of our destination, makes the journey stressful. Why worry when you don’t know how the journey will end? When you don’t even know if you’re on the ... Read More »


The nouveau ones The highly sought after The actual older big boys They cruise around in the latest cars. The BMW X series, the Mercedes G- wagon ’13 edition, the Honda pilots… any other exotic cars that you could think of. They don’t talk too much, and when they do, their speech makes you visualize money They are usually very ... Read More »