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Dear Future Wife

In our attempt to define love, we deny its true definition. In the quest to know marriage we misunderstand its concept. Keep calm, I know you’re beginning to question the point I’m driving at. I just don’t belong to that school of thought that believes you will only enjoy/have a fulfilled marriage when you marry the perfect woman. No one ... Read More »

10 Shades of Blue

I know you are not where you want to be yet I know you wish you could change your car I know that you don’t even have a car yet I know yoy are seriously praying for constant diarrhea for our dear “nation builder” who got 225million NGN cars as early christmas present under the guise of safety, while you ... Read More »

Hues Of Shame 2

Mrs. Nosa hurriedly wore her cloth, while Zach went after Aisha as she made her way out of the hotel. They knew they couldn’t possibly allow her tell the world what she saw. They have to stop her before she spills the bean.  Gloria couldn’t concentrate as she wore her cloth; her mind was focused on how to stop Aisha. ... Read More »

Move up on

I have realized that the reason why so many people fail is because they spend most of their time trying to discover who they were, instead of who they are. They spend time focusing on their past, their flaws, their mistakes, and misfortunes. They spend time questioning why they failed instead of planning on how not to fail again. They ... Read More »

The Side Effects 3

It has been eight months since Kunle’s death, yet everyone connected to him does not seem to have gotten over the pain. Toni still sees him in her dreams. The bond between the Black Eagles fraternity has become weaker, there is no one to fill the void his demise created, and his family members have not recovered from the rude ... Read More »

Hues of Shame

It was at exactly 4 O’clock in the morning, and the window in Zach’s room was wide open. He had left it open the previous night when he got back from the club. He was high, and felt too lazy to shut them. He just wanted to get some sleep; he knew he had to wake up early so as ... Read More »

The Side Effects 2

The calabash has broken, and the water it held had gone dry. Toni’s life turned sour all of a sudden. It looked like a new beginning, perhaps the start of something good, but who would have thought it was to be short-lived. She was the only one who knew what tragedy had come upon her. She carried within her a ... Read More »

Faith – The Possibility Technology By Ogunye Olufemi

Faith – The Possibility Technology I really do not know how to start or flow with this so that I would not be seen as a “religious preacher”; I am not going to take it from a religious perspective – I am not even “religious”. In recent times, I decided to pick up on simple things and make meaning out ... Read More »

Shattered Hearts 3

 I couldn’t hide my surprise; I wasn’t expecting to see Lade. While I was thinking of how to save myself from the situation, Chioma stepped forward, this time around with a lot of curiosity, “can someone please tell me what is happening here?” As I cleared my throat to say something, Lade answered with a mischievous smile “Femi is my ... Read More »

Shattered Hearts 2

My phone has been switched off for three days now; I still find it very difficult to talk to anyone. Whenever I closed my eyes, all I got were flashbacks from the unfortunate and scary scene. If anyone had told me that my best friend would be the one to stab me from behind, I would have just laughed at ... Read More »