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Love Beyond Borders

My centrepiece, How are you? Do you miss me? I sincerely miss you a lot and I hope this letter will help bridge the gap which distance has created between us. I helplessly watch on as distance bruises our love, but I am calm because I am not sceptical about spending the rest of my life with you. The clock ... Read More »

Birth till date: My 25th Birthday.

Before now, I’m sure some of you might have seen my bio on social media networks or read my short profile on this blog. But today I’m forced to ask myself, “Is that really you?” Perhaps. I’d like to call that an impressive account of me that I want you to know. However, there’s more about me than what you’ve ... Read More »

Who I am

I live amongst you, we wine and dine together. As supposed human beings we have thoughts limited to us, but what are your thoughts about me as of mine to you? In the sanity of my quietness I create the insanity of my actions. I watch them provocatively dressed, the well dressed are not left out of it as I ... Read More »

Rape – Shards of a broken glass

The word rape is gotten from the latin word “rapere” which means To Seize. It is defined by many professors of the English Language as : The forcing of someone into sex. This definition has been modified over the years and many have argued that it is more than an attempt to achieve sexual fulfilment (although this may be the ... Read More »

The cankerworm called rape

In a national violence against women survey which was conducted in 1977 in the United States of America, it was found that 1 out of 6 women and 1 out of 33 men had experienced rape (either attempted or the full) as a child and/or as an adult. Rape in this context is defined as forced intercourse (vaginal, oral or ... Read More »

My almost rape story

Rape is a topic on the lips of most people these days because the rise of exposure on crime has finally come to light in this part of the world. Rape didn’t just start, it has always been but our culture and mentality never gave the female child, ladies or women who are victims of these wicked act the right ... Read More »


My fame has become shame hiddenBottled up in my heart with the chain of painI’m bruised like a torn veinBeautiful outside, but bleeding withinI long to say, but the wash of humiliation won’t let meI fear that I will perish in this, my lost prideI’m filled with hate for myselfIf this is fate, I curse mineIf this is love, then ... Read More »

Sour 16

“He forcefully thrust inside of me, tearing my womanhead all the way to my heart, tearing my emotion all the way to my soul, tramping on my feelings and stampeding my self-esteem. I can only feel pain as he forced his way into what is mine; my temple, my body, my future. I’m his brother’s 16 year old daughter. He ... Read More »

The Love Letter

Mirinda, How are you today? I really hope the everyday stress is nothing to worry about. It’s an unusual feeling to write you a letter in these age and time but on the other hand it brings me joy because you are far from the usual. Truthfully, I can’t seem to get my mind off you. You have brought sweetness ... Read More »

She said No

She said no It meant no, and not yes You grabbed her hair And tore her dress. And bruised her flesh. What you didn’t know Was the gaping hole you left in her soul. What you didn’t know… Daddy was never around Mother said he was in heaven Grandma said he was in hell Years ago, like you today Violence had ... Read More »