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Victim of the gods

Day 2: #Bloggersville says #SayNoToRape “Na the old gods dey wait make rapist turn 90years old before dem catch am, the God of today delivers judgment sharperly #SayNoToRape” His torso ripped with veins showing through his formerly white but now brown singlet as he pushed the buggy of water into the hostel, this was his final round of water supply ... Read More »

Mother By Ray Anyasi

The living says thus shall this song be sang. That beneath her breasts the pulse of our life. Her will tearing down dangers with her fang. Whether she be your mother or a wife. This goddess has felt and conquered birth’s pang. She swallowed hills of shame as they come rife. These oracles snots as they plot in a gang. ... Read More »

The Life After III

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The Life After II

“The only thing I remember was that Emeka gave me a cup filled with alcohol mixed with tiny leaves. He told me it was going to give me the courage to approach Chioma, and that he had also given her a similar drink to help her relax.” Laja held is head with both arms, and shook it hard as if ... Read More »

Finale: Love, Death, and Pain by Adegoke Adedoyinsola

I had to call him, I just had to call him. I pulled myself from Kira and Moni’s grasp and ran to my room to get my phone. I was sweaty, shaky, shivering and didn’t realise I was crying already. With shaky hands, I dialled his number and it rang. I ran back to the sitting room and told them ... Read More »

Red Valentine

Here’s something I dropped on a friends blog a while back…. A true love story bonded by deception… Must read FacebookTwitter Read More »

Episode 5: Love, Death and Pain By Adegoke Adedoyinsola

The next one month was a blur of activities and I was caught neck-deep in stress; I had work, wedding preparation and loads of other things. The closer the wedding the lesser I saw of my fiance. We both had to work and prepare and our little “weekend getaway” was postponed. It was the last Friday in May and it ... Read More »

Who should say sorry first?

I was stretched out on the chaise longue in my living room on a cheery Saturday afternoon reading one of my cherished historical romance novels hoping by some miracle that my fiance will cut short his three weeks journey and come rushing back home so I can try some of my newly acquired romantic skills on him. I was lost ... Read More »


“Who sat and watched my infant head, when sleeping in my cradle bed…my mother”. This is one of the few songs I know about mothers and by the time you finish reading this article you might agree with me that song writers should write more but before that let’s go back to the beginning, before there was an infant and ... Read More »

Fair Comparison

Two days after I resumed school our lectures time table was out, so like any other presumed serious student, I rushed to school to pick one up so I can plan my schedules. I sat behind the commercial cyclist and as we rode through school, I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of the trees rocking to the beats ... Read More »