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Episode 2:- Love, Death and Pain.By Adegoke Adedoyinsola

Next thing I knew, we heard a bang on the door. It was the furious taxi driver who I had forgotten to pay in a haste to see Dee. I finally had all my friday fantasy later that night after every one had left. For someone who had danced fire more than three hours that day, I was hyper-active. The ... Read More »

The Debt by @awagz_ (ABDUL ABU)

Not unto us who did but seek The world that burned within to speak And stand on sole with heart of grit Against the thorns that pierce and prick When to us will this day belong Of voices singing esculent song As though with truth has ever spoken To mar ill sway, fetter link be broken When will the gates ... Read More »


Days flow forth like the endless Nile Valour alone can stay the siege of present tides But modern valour leaps with weary eyes From frays with life’s events and trials Today is but a subtle dilemma Obvious only to those with eagle’s eyes The tides is for us to plough not plunder And by grit begin to race the miles ... Read More »

Bleeding Friend by @Divaangel143

I express my emotions My pain and my notions Causing you to bleed with my fingers The tears sting my eyes As scorpions do to bare skin No one knows exactly how I feel No one knows the burning tears that kill Only you my bleeding friend Trapped amidst my giant fingers My memory trails and lingers In your coloured ... Read More »

My HeartBeat

Exactly three years ago, my relationship was in a fiasco. My girlfriend told me she was connected to another guy, but that he was just a friend. I don’t like remembering the series of events that unfolded afterwards, so I wouldn’t bore you with the details. We broke up on the first of April that year. No one believed me, ... Read More »

Restricted Affection.

Tears rolled down her cheek. According to the doctors observations, test, and diagnosis, Sade was soon to breath her last. She had a kidney problem, and all attempt to locate a donor had been futile. Time was running out, death was fast approaching. Her chance of surviving was very tiny, she had less than a month. If she doesn’t get ... Read More »

Dark Sunshine

People say black is beauty But I never thought I’d live to see one A special one, a gold in the mould My pen shiver in an attempt to describe this beauty She’s black She’s bold She’s classy Black is beautiful She is beautiful Black is African So I’d chant her eulogy in an African way I call her Ewa, ... Read More »

Once ‘Beaten’

I watched the brand new BlackberryZ10 fall from his hands, he had flung it deliberately. Oh my God!” I gasped, “How could he, oh why?” The tears stung my eyeballs. I almost burst into tears but I was infront of my hostel. Jakes was there too, and so I couldn’t cry but stood transfixed as I watched him grind the ... Read More »