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Green Hostel – 4

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 The tale of Kunle’s heroic defeat traveled beyond the shores of school gate. He became more popular, everyone talked about what happened, thanks to Prof, Okoro and Sadist. He traveled with Sadist the next day as they had planned. It was quite strange to watch Kunle become humble at the mercy of Sadist’s mockery. ... Read More »

Green Hostel (3)

Episode 1 Episode 2 For the unlucky hostel mates it wasn’t fun recalling their cell experience. More than talking to others about the comical-horror, they looked forward to moving past it. Sadist, though he was fortunate to get out early traveled two days later. After the first night he explained to Kunle that he had a long and scary night, ... Read More »

Green Hostel (2)

Episode 1 All the circumstantial suspects watched on with so much excitement. It was a thrilling surprise to see Kunle and Prof in the final. By looks and bragging right everyone expected to see a Sportman and Okoro final. Sportman is the captain of the hostel football team and sports in general. He is tall and well-built, a good football ... Read More »

Green Hostel (1)

Of course, it is painted green. It is called the campus capital because it is located directly opposite the school gate and is the oldest private hostel in the area. Not the most beautiful but certainly the most popular; home to the reserved, crazy, religious, cult members, yahoo boys, packaged prostitutes (olosho as you like to call them) and a ... Read More »


MRS. SMITH The truth is I don’t deserve this man. He is more than I wished for. He is everything that I never imagine I’d have. And even now that I’m overshadowed by his love I’m not sure there’s anything I will do to appreciate him enough, as I have never done. He treats me as if I have no ... Read More »

The Right Relationship

The only relationship I am into that holds no iota of insecurity is one with God. I do not know anyone else who embraces my strengths and weaknesses without playing on my imperfection. No wonder He isn’t a man. There are so many failed relationships because everyone wants what’s good for them irrespective of whether or not it is good ... Read More »

You & I

I have never experienced a prouder moment than right now. Counting my blessings hasn’t held more joy than in this moment. Breaking forth from the mental and physical captive that once held me, it is safe to conclude that I am no longer where I used to be and I am very much closer to where I ought to be. ... Read More »

Super Four

I am evidence that God doesn’t turn His back on anyone. When the going gets tough, He is simply crafting you for greatness. Of course that’s if you allow him. The blog will be 4 years old tomorrow and I’m amazed at how far we’ve come together. It can only be God and His grace. We are not close to ... Read More »

The Vow

My woman, standing here with you in this moment is the new beginning I have always relished. I’ve been on a lot of trips, been with many girls and the excitement I have experienced before now is nothing compared to how I feel knowing you are finally mine, Iyawo mi, here’s my vow to you. I want you to know ... Read More »

Super Father, Superb Legacy!

Living is about giving, impacting, sharing happiness and touching the lives of others in significant ways. It takes a selfless and passionate man to live it to the fullest. To make sacrifices irrespective of the consequences; to close your eyes to what others can offer you and open your heart to what you can offer them. I know a man ... Read More »