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Broke, Not Broken

If you are reading this I want you to know that your story will change, and everything will be okay/better. There will always be dark nights, foggy sights of the future, stormy days and chaotic moments, but you and I were engineered to survive. Life is like a wavy ship in a great storm, despite the uncertainty about whether or ... Read More »

For The Love of Nothing

I am amazed by the mysteries of this world, the things we do for love; the love of money, and choice of whom and how to love. I didn’t have a memorable childhood, so I was always bent on changing my story, others call it altering fate. Whichever it is, it toughened me. I hated my father for always beating ... Read More »

The Spark In My Quiet World

Lizzy, Simply blessing the day our paths crossed will be undermining the joy that walked into my life the first time we exchanged our first hello(s). I will always bless it, but it is a memory I intend to take to my grave irrespective of how our love story ends. I have seen beautiful women, but there was something different ... Read More »

People of God

Father cried all night cursing his luck beneath his breath. By exiting us from the school premises yesterday, he was reminded of our pending school fees. He went out in search of money but his efforts were futile. He returned home to find mother waiting for him with the money after sourcing for it the quickest way she could. That ... Read More »


Dila 1 Dila 2 Dila 3 Dila packed her scattered braids together with her left hand and held them with a rubber band she picked from my desk. She smiled at me in a ‘you know nothing’ manner. She took the yoga position as she continued, “I met Gloria on my first day on campus. I was on the lookout ... Read More »

Dila 3

Dila 1 Dila 2 I have heard it too many times but I didn’t consider it true. They say, ‘if you claimed her virginity, she will keep coming back’. I wondered if it was supposed to imply some sort of renewal exercise. That first experience will birth a thirst for further intimacy, a thirst that needs to be quenched regularly. ... Read More »


Whosoever findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22 KJV) The wedding bells are being resounded again; another holy matrimony is set to take place in God’s presence and it is to be witnessed by all invited men. I have conducted a number of pre-wedding interviews but that of Ebunoluwa and Charles was ... Read More »

Dila – 2

Dila 1 The uncertainties that trailed Dila’s words ‘…give your heart to a woman more deserving’ seem to strengthen my resolve. It was either her or no one else. At first walking away had appeared to be the easiest solution but that would make me less of a man. I decided that there is no shame fighting for who you ... Read More »

DILA – Dangerously In Love Again

My misfortune, it was that all my ex-lovers loved me prematurely and battered my heart relentlessly. I, who was the prize many women contested for, gradually became the man who they’d rather be ‘just friends’ with. My heart which they all called ‘mine’ became a goldmine; each girl using a dagger to cut her piece of the treasure. A heart ... Read More »

Pa Ajetunmobi: an iota of a living legacy

It’s been 10 years since you exited the shores of this miserably beautiful world, and yet, not a day passes by that I don’t miss you. There has been no night that I close my eyes to sleep without pondering on the lessons you taught me about life, the path you led me through, and the legacies you left behind. ... Read More »