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Birth Till Date: New Beginning

Thank God for this new beginning. One thing is certain. I am happier this year than I was last year, because I made that choice. I now understand that you don’t need a tangible reason to be happy, you just have to live it – be happy. It doesn’t matter what you are going through, you deserve to be happy. ... Read More »

Happy Birthday Elsie

It is my Elsie’s birthday. Yes my Elsie, and no she’s not my girlfriend: she’s more. She is a sweet friend. Before I go ahead to lavish appraisals on you (Elsie), I’d like to wish you happy birthday. I wish you a good life in good health, and a future with a great man. I’ve only known Elsie for two ... Read More »

Birth till date: My 25th Birthday.

Before now, I’m sure some of you might have seen my bio on social media networks or read my short profile on this blog. But today I’m forced to ask myself, “Is that really you?” Perhaps. I’d like to call that an impressive account of me that I want you to know. However, there’s more about me than what you’ve ... Read More »

The Bible; The Truth? By Ibi oluwatoba Mayowa

Often times, I have always been confronted by what method to adopt when reading the holy book (The Bible). Do I assume that the bible was written metaphorically? In which case will confirm that most assertions that we have made have been wrong, caused by error use or put rightly misinterpretation of the content of certain words used. Also, if ... Read More »

Mandela – A Legacy

The only reasonable reward after war is victory; the only reward that comes with greatness is glory. His victory against apartheid brought him glory. The greatest glory I can ever imagine, even at death he still remains the most celebrated ‘black’ man. Let my black sentiment drown me, he is the greatest man that ever lived. Someone said, “He left ... Read More »


(*speechless – Micheal Jackson* NP) Goooooood Morninnnng Naija, how una dey? My name hasn’t changed, I am Fragile. It’s 7:40 a.m, a day the Lord has made, the one that wraps up the month of November. I woke up this morning and I said to 2013, “your days are number.” I know you’re wondering why I’ve not been transmitting, I’m ... Read More »

Contentment: The real Swag.

Being the center of attention is not about how beautiful you are, how well you cat walk, or how expensive you are. It is about having all these things and being able to put them to good use. It is often said that the way you dress is the way you are addressed, I think that’s true. It is not ... Read More »


(*The Kick – Wande Coal* NP) Its 5 O’clock on the D.O.T, how has your day been? Mine has been fun, saw a movie when I was done with my work for the day. Battle of the year 3D! Wow! That’s some crazy dance moves I saw today. How are you? My name is Fragile, you can call me the ... Read More »

Marri-Age 2

Marriage isn’t all about putting food on the table, it is not about paying the bills. You are supposed to be an example, not a boss. You ought to lead, why command? For all the guys that read the 1st episode of this series, I am happy to inform you that we also have our flaws. It takes two to ... Read More »