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Journey to the Future: Review (2018) By Nicole Adehi. Esq

Femi has always sent me stories for a while now and I’ve always found them insightful, so letting go of NGN2,000 wasn’t hard. The question was whether I would I even have the time to read it? I mean, I run a busy schedule.

I met Sesan; Femi’s best friend (who delivered the book to me) and then I met the beautiful piece; The Journey to the Future. He picked the right colour; yellow and the book smelled lovely too. It was in bold prints, “super easy to read” I said. 3 hours; that’s all it took me.

The book sparked a lot of emotions in me; sadness, pain, love, anger, mystery, intimacy and best of all; suspense. It’s an amazing read, very picturesque and easy to imagine.

I learnt a lot of life lessons from this read but it made me wonder what actually goes on in Femi’s head; his actual ideologies about life, hardship, love, God and the universe as a whole.

Now to the book, Kunle is a very strong character. Morenike is a character I’d like to term as blessed. On the other hand, Bade and Kemi are characters I’d like to term as distractions. Lizzy is a character I’d term as Destiny while Uncle, Presido, Mama, Bisi and Mr Chukwu are characters I’d like to refer to as life. Funto is a character I’d term as Light.

In life, you may never know the reason you meet someone. But it should interest you that everyone in your life is planted for a reason; to make you, to ruin you or to teach you. We have to pray for the spirit of discernment to know who is who and what is what.

If not for all other characters, Kunle wouldn’t have been strong and he would have never seen the light.

Sometimes, distractions come and go. However, there are times we actually need to consciously take distractions out of our lives to prepare us for the brighter day.

Most times, life throws filth, pain our way and this may throw us into pandemonium, anger and rage and we feel we are giving back to life what it deserves. Most times, the reasons are hidden and we find out months later. Sometimes, after we’ve given up on God, He quickly lets us know that He is not a man that he would lie.

Does being blessed mean things will always work out the way we actually want them?

Who is God actually?

What is life really about?

Does God actually have favourites’?

You need to study this book. I’d like to talk about it with you.


Nicole Adehi (Esq.)


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