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Tyler Perry’s ‘Acrimony’ Review (2018): A Love-inspired Crime.

Acrimony is an intentional reminder of how swift love can become a crime. It lays heavy emphasis on how everyone is a user, and why most times the choice of whom we choose to be with or roll with is influenced by what we tend to gain from them.  As a relationship consultant, I have been exposed to relative scenarios, most of which birth countless questions with indefinite answers. The biggest one being: who was wrong?

It is easy to apportion blame, easier because it was a motion on screen with an expression of real emotions. All the actors brought their A game, Melinda (Taraji) especially, killed it.  Acrimony is a battle triangle between love, dreams and anger. I once told my friend that it is easier for a woman to trust a successful man. He tried to counter by ranking love over a trust, but I was sure to remind him that without a level of trust, love always suffers.

Did Robert love Melinda?

I think he loves his dream more and drowned in the idea that the realization of his dreams will breathe life into his love for Melinda. His gravest mistake was using her as a ladder to his dreams without the slightest show of appreciation. All she wanted was for him to get a side job to assist her support the family. Melinda loved him, else she wouldn’t have given her life away in the manner that she did. 18 years of persevering, she could have walked away before it got so bad, but she believed in him and his dreams.

Melinda wanted attention, romance, and mental push; that was all Robert’s love meant to her. He saw it otherwise; he painted a luxurious idea of love and made her buy it. He made his dream her burden. It is true that she was a bitter soul with deranged anger. Everyone has a dark side; his love could have kept her in check. He made his work his wife and made his wife an option. Her wrath, in the end, was an accumulation of 18 years of fruitlessness. Some people marry when they fall in love; others fall in love after marriage. Robert didn’t marry for love; he saw an opportunity he couldn’t pass on.

Was he wrong to pursue his dreams? No. He was wrong to shut her out under the same roof. There is nothing a woman hates more than being ignored. Their relationship was a lie made beautiful.

Should he have taken the initial offer of $800,000? Yes. It wasn’t good enough but it was more than he needed to hold his family together. He was selfish. She got her divorce, thanks to her sisters. His dream became a big reality, thanks to Diana.

They both made a mess. $10,000,000 plus the house is a worthy compensation. She wanted more, not more money, the life he promised her. He could have sent the cheque and stayed away but he was foolish enough to go to her office and declare, “I love you,” with a flower. He awakened the beast she has laid to rest for over 18 years. It broke her heart to see him go away with the woman that made her injure her uterus. Robert could have lived a quiet life, somewhere else, but he chose to stare right in her face: absolute disrespect!

Melinda’s anger is crazy but so was her love, intense. Like a wildfire, her love was consumed by the hate he created. She could have walked away; rather she became obsessed with the idea of the life Robert was giving Diana and sought vengeance. We all get angry, she went too far. I am not surprised it cost her, her life.

Tyler Perry did great with this one. The story has strong themes that connect marriage, obligation, relationship, love, lies, and revenge. I liked the film and I’d rate it 6 out of 10.


  1. Robert and Melinda both loves each other, there is nothing like one love is greater than the other, because love cannot be quantified. You can quantify sacrifices made for the sake of love or at most quantify the impact such sacrifices have on the other party, Robert got carried away and he messed up, but he later apologised, profess his Love to Melinda again and asked her to marry him. Brenda(Melissa’s Sister) could not see Robert as a good person, hence always on the lookout for his mistakes. I don’t think he should have collected the $800k, he knows his dreams he knows what he has built and he knows the worth, he would have lived a miserable life if he had sold his product for that amount few years after selling. What is the purpose of holding your family together today at the expense of the future. And there is no way he would not have been on that app, it’s like you telling Mark Zuckerberg not to use Facebook. But on the flip side, i feel they were just not meant to be, because if Melinda had stuck with him, probably they won’t have achieved that much success

  2. He loved her, yet he was selfish and he’s dream gave him an excuse to be lazy. He didn’t do anything to support her for good 18 years.

    He used her, we know, but her sisters, Brenda especially, contributed more to misfortunes, and she allowed that, tho she resisted when she was younger, but the got to her at the most important time, (tho no one knew his work was going to be recognized at that time), she could have waited a while longer, if not for her sisters and brothers in-law.

    Again, Robert could have behaved better, if he wanted her back, he could have make that possible, but he’s found solace in Diana, after the divorce, I won’t blame him too much. I’ll say he’s loved Diana all along, her coming back and helping him get the deal spark up the feeling. He loved Melinda, but he loved Diana more.

    Melinda for me, is the victim, because she gave her all(life, time, money, even her ‘child(ren)’).

    Morals, it’s either you’re ready to suffer forever with someone, or don’t try it at all if you can’t be patient or endure. Third party(that includes extended family) advise should not hold too much water in marriage.

    • Hmmm. Thanks for stopping by

    • Spot on if you ask me .
      It’s okay for Robert to have been tired
      It’s okay for him to have wanted out of the marriage .
      However , Melinda (Taraji) wouldn’t have been that upset if he moved on with another woman. Her main anger was that he moved on with Diana of 18years ago. That same Diana !!!!! I MEAN; IT COULD HAVE BEEN ANYONE ELSE BUT DIANA!!!!.

      Her crazy was beyond her . It was above her but she was terribly hurt !
      He can’t say she was a bad wife to him ; cos she did everything . She even gave him peace and always massaged his Ego.
      He did her wrong .
      She did him crazy.

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