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Face your fears, aggresively

I used to think that the greatest enemy anyone can have is self. Recent insights, however, has revealed that a man’s biggest enemy is fear; mental limitation. When people ask me what my greatest fear is, I am swift to say: failure or ill health. It now very glaring that living a life of phobia is a dangerous way to live. Carefully consider the fact that failure isn’t a problem until fear sets in, and you subconsciously begin to doubt your ability to succeed. What about the fact that you are in sound health until you start having premonitions of being sick. Fear doesn’t empower you. It is an emotion that paralyses you.

Doubt is the forerunner of fear; the substances of things dreaded – anxiousness and uneasiness. Fear questions everything you are and have. It makes you quiver in the face of what you should conquer. It manifests itself in your heart and builds a picture of impossibility. Fear keeps one’s heart in bondage and conceals opportunities from them. It restrains one from marching forward. Until fear sets in nothing is a problem, but when fear sets in, everything becomes a problem. This defining truth is the reason people have fears of the unknown: fear of nothing.

If you do not face your fears aggressively, they will devour you mercilessly. Face your fears; raise your shield of faith. Believe in the power of possibilities and positivity as purposed in you. When situations arise, attack them giving preference to any. Be steadfast in the fact that people who make things happen don’t have or conquered fear. Don’t launch if you won’t do so confidently. For God has not given us the spirit of fear but that of sound mind; confess it. Develop confidence in God’s promises. Cast out fear by embracing perfect love. Live the life of a victor, not a victim.

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  1. I choose to live above my fears. Thanks for this piece.

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