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With freedom comes creativity

Yesterday’s sermon had my pastor preach about freedom in a way I had never imagined. I have always known that freedom gives one the room to be independent but I had never really pondered on how much creativity is embedded in freedom. Such simplicity; to understand that people in captives are mentally and physically limited. To see that even the timely freedom they enjoy falls as an advantage to their master. Now, imagine someone who walks around freely but is a slave to fear, self-esteem, and life’s pressure. Such persons who have what it takes to manifest but don’t have access to the space required to do so.

Nothing brings pleasure more than freedom. To fully manifest requires you to operate on a platform where you can express yourself. Can you compare a lion in the wild with one in the zoo? The former operates in its natural capacity while the former struggles to fit in. Until the latter gains its freedom, its capabilities are limited.

The reason a couple of us still struggle is that we’d rather stay where we are wanted instead of going where we are needed. If the purpose for which you are here is to lead a nation, you will never live up your full potential if you are contented with being a doctor. This is why some people are unhappy in their careers, they aren’t fulfilled, yet they lack the courage to launch into the deep. Don’t cage yourself; a cage is for control, limitation and restriction. It is to limit the essence of your capabilities.

God’s glory is fully expressed in liberty. In like manner, since he created you in His image and likeness, you must create the needed space for him to manifest in you. Recently I scribbled,

Don’t let fame and money steal your dreams away. Don’t forget how to livethe life you are passionate about. That’s how to jouney to the future.

Simply explained, means, don’t limit yourself because you want to fit into the world’s idea of living a good life. Step out of your comfort zone. Come to terms with the purpose for which you were created. Locate the proper avenue/platform to express yourself. Live the life you were created to live. Don’t be trapped trying to please anyone; forfeiting your purpose for anyone is a waste of time. Be you, do you, manifest and create.

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