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Journey to the future: My Chapters (6)

A lost soul who doesn’t want to be found cannot be saved. Unfortunately, that’s what some of us are, lost souls that embrace condemnation and forbid hope. We lust after being saved but pursue darkness at all cost because we think the idea of light isn’t meant for us. This right here is why people get suicidal; they are aware of a way out but don’t consider it sufficient because it isn’t the direction they want to go. If you want something so bad but it doesn’t work out, maybe you need to walk in another direction. Perhaps your life will be better off without that thing. The end of a road isn’t the end of your life. If you look at the sides and there are no paths to follow, it is okay to turn back. I have said it before, if you ever get stranded or lose yourself, fall back to what first inspired you and try again.

Most times, what we desire is empty when compared to what we deserve. The damning act that makes us rebels to our own self is that most of us lack the courage to begin again. When you lose hope, you lose everything. Consider the fact that a life that comes with ease sometimes isn’t satisfying. I do not mean that it is healthy to struggle; it is purposeful when you keep going. You and I were made for the good life. However, we must accept that nothing good comes easy. Nothing good locates those who quit; quitters never win.

I have derailed a lot of times but I have never lost hope. It gets tough, dirty and depressing but there is always something to cling to, the reality that I was made for a purpose. Hence, if I can’t possess what I pursue, then I have to keep finding that there is to possess. Maybe what you are chasing after isn’t meant for you. If you are convinced that it is meant for you, maybe the time isn’t just right yet. Wait for your time, reignite hope and keep pushing; don’t lose yourself.

When I told my best friend that I wanted to break forth and print my book, his reply was simple,

“It has been the plan all along and I think the time is right.”

We continued the conversation and examined how many attempts failed in the process of trying to publish a paperback and he made me see that if it had happened earlier it may not be worth it. Sometimes the essence of pain is to that we can grow. Life doesn’t get easy for anyone, we just get tougher.

In Journey to the future, Kunle lost himself to damnation, when you read you will find out how he grasped the second chance. Nothing you want is too late to be yours. Confess it and pursue it intentionally. Failure isn’t a man, it is a result. Whatever you are, see the beauty it in, it is hidden somewhere. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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  1. It just gets better everyday!

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