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Journey to the future: My Chapters (5)

Journey to the future broaches the theme of God’s existence; it’s denial in the face of multiple misfortunes and tribulations. I remember the review of an author whom I handed some part of the manuscript to read. She said,

How can one man go through these things and not lose his life except God designed his journey. Olufemi, this book made me cry, but more importantly, it awakened the careless part of me to the harsh realities of life. These things happen but we don’t talk about them enough. Thank you for giving the world something to reflect on.

Like I did while I wrote most of its chapters, I cried reading that review. The reason is that I was expressing a large part of me that has sojourned in suffering while staggering through in pain, and the despair of others who have cast their burden on me because they reckon it is my purpose to help them. Like the round character in Journey to the future, I have doubted God’s supremacy and even questioned His existence in the corner of my room. Sometimes it gets so bad you begin to wonder if God listens to your prayers at all. I know you have been there.

When you are storming through life isn’t the time to doubt God. It is indeed the time to run to him and realign your purpose with His will. In the last two years, it has become clearer that we often struggle in life because we choose to struggle with God. There is a plan for your life, a purpose for which you were created. Have you ever taken time to ask Him where he wants you instead of making assumptions that validate your desire? I know what you are thinking, you don’t have the best relationship with Him, and so He might not listen to you. Why make yourself a castaway? I don’t know what religion you subscribe too but I know the Almighty doesn’t ever leave any of us stranded. The problem is, He keeps chasing after us but we’d rather hide from Him because like Adam and Eve, our knowledge of the world has confused our trust in Him.

Kunle lost his loved ones; I have lost some loved ones too. He lost himself and cursed God, I have raged even more, in silence. It took me time to realize that God didn’t promise that there will be no pain, sorrow or trouble; He promised that He will always be there. He is there; you just have to open unto him. My life is still puzzled but I have found peace in knowing that God can make you survive days in a desert without water because he wants to make you the king of a sea. Whatever it is you are going through, see it as a school or a training to be combat ready.

The Journey to the future, coming soon!


  1. All I can say is you are a blessed Guy. God’s plan is already beginning to unfold in your life and soon it will be established 🙏

  2. This is inspiring

  3. please how do I subscribe to your blog

  4. DearFragile,
    I so truly cannot wait to grab that book. Your story is one of hope, and beauty.

    May you truly get to that place He has set for you.


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