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I’ve lost contact with that world

With it’s abnormal dimensions and

Geometrical architecture that speaks

The truth of an only.

I now sing Shirk and think it wise when

I dance to the “strangers” music and mingle

Among the “commoners” wishes.


I pray to no direction and

Act out no ablution.

Woe be the compass and be burnt every

Mat of calligraphy.

For I am tied not to the wishes of no

Man who pays heed not to my peace

I speak no Kalimah and say cursed be

Shahadah. I ascend to no paradise nor

Descend to any Jahannam.

I oath to freedom and dance to joyness.


No more shall I sink to depression

After my virtue is ripped to perfection

Then they seek me “produce witness.”

I shed no tear of pain

But cry my song of victory proclaiming


My grace, is freedom.


~ Mercy Oluwarinu.



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