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WRATH (The Holy Satan) – Mercy Oluwarinu

The spirit woos around me.
Echoing its chants to my ears;
It preaches its scriptures,
Vocalising its psalms.
By praising the tri-gods;
it tries to cage me in the sacrament
Of its cursed cross.

I spat at the face of spirituality,
It’s powers I exhorted abominably
as though an act of adultery.

Then spirituality spoke fire.

Ripped, the cross was from me,
In my attest to war against the true force.
The compassionate persecutor
The raging dove, it introduced itself.

In my battle to awaken the dead gods of vanity
The sword, two-edged rued my existence.
To life was the crucified son of the father
He pled, not my cause.

For several a time had spirituality
Presented itself the gentleman with roses
To woo me,
Yet, I cursed the God
Desecrating its cross.

From within,
my damnation cried out with its withered voice
Its final prayer;
“Away, suffer me
into the herd of swine.”
And in the end, I be
The leper never again to kiss
the beauties Of mother earth.
The sweetened diabetics
An ailment of no cure.

~ Mercy Oluwarinu.

Mercy Oluwarinu is a young poet with an ancient imagination and modern expression. She derives her inspirations from life based issues like religion, racism, relationship and humanity in its entirety. This poem is the third piece in her most recent trilogy, I PLACE A SWEAR ON SPIRITUALITY. She blogs her poetry on Instagram @vilerose_


  1. Wow ..this left me speechless ..well written

  2. Out of the box!

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