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Heathen – Mercy Oluwarinu

I place a swear on spirituality

Using my scarred palm of sacred


The sacred blood of my pagan palm

That obstructs not nature from

condemnation’s eyes,

Places the cross in the bosom

Of pleasure’s spell

And forever it will dwell, on my nipple’s spot.


I place a swear on spirituality.

May the sacrilege of my nudity

Forever uphold Babylonian’s Baal

Grace its alter the crown of Ashtoreth

And with sultry fire under every green tree

kiss its holies of holies my desired sin.


I place a swear on spirituality

May its conventions fall at the feet

Of my immorality.

Sink it’s peaceful glory within

The sphere of the red moon.

Thrusting with spines,

feed it the dessert of vanity.


~ Mercy Oluwarinu.

Mercy Oluwarinu is a young poet with an ancient imagination and modern expression. She derives her inspirations from life based issues like religion, racism, relationship and humanity in its entirety. This poem is the second piece in her most recent trilogy, I PLACE A SWEAR ON SPIRITUALITY. She blogs her poetry on Instagram @vilerose_

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