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My arrest – Mercy Oluwarinu

I’d rip the cross of salvation to pieces
Tearing its beads; the pillars to pieces
I’d snatch salvation from
the burning candle of incense
And own it in hatred
with my sharp tooth for blackness.

I’d roll the balls of salvation with my tongue
And clothe its bareness with saliva’s wrath
I’d rape the cross of salvation till it rusts
Salvation I repeat,
Will be caged forever in my gnash.

I’d carve salvation
Leaving it pending
As a hunted building null of exorcism.

Salvation will be the water
from the washed bitter leaf
But I’d sweeten it a diabetics
An ailment of no cure.

~ Mercy Oluwarinu.

Mercy Oluwarinu is a young poet with an ancient imagination and modern expression. She derives her inspirations from life based issues like religion, racism, relationship and humanity in its entirety. This poem is the first piece in her most recent trilogy, I PLACE A SWEAR ON SPIRITUALITY. She blogs her poetry on Instagram @vilerose_

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