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A trip to the scratch

I curled up in the engine room of the ship. That was the best space $790 got me. The heat was killing, if I didn’t know better I’d have thought I was on my way to hell, but no I just wanted to cross into Italy by all means possible. I had hoped that fortunes would smile on me after ... Read More »

The Dark Gathering

I walked into the sitting room and stumbled on several swollen faces who suddenly had their gaze on me. Transfixed, I couldn’t fathom the reason for the despair, anger and sorrow they expressed. Was it me? I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d done something wrong. I sought out familiar faces, but even theirs were expressionless. Fear gripped my heart, ... Read More »

Alexander’s OMO 2018: Book Review

OMO isn’t just a book, it is the Journey to the Future of a girl-child. There are some experiences we don’t wish to recover from, OMO is an art that I will carry in my being till my hair is grey. It is a practical advocacy for a better world for female children and an audible voice against child abuse, ... Read More »

You are light

Imagine standing in front of a mirror, in the dark. You are aware that the mirror is there but you’re lost to the reflection of you it produces, because to see yourself in the true state of being requires a bit of light. To shine out demands mental liberation and mind illumination. No matter how beautiful you know you are, ... Read More »

There will be no helper without the helped

When your dream eventually comes through, I want you to remember that you owe yourself the best life. Every other person comes after. Why? One of the cankerworm that feeds on success is the pressure that comes with wanting to attribute it to everyone you came across on that journey. Hence trying to conform to a lifestyle that pleases people ... Read More »

Journey to the Future – (Review) By Adetola Adegbohun

Gripping, Pulsating, and extremely engaging. More like a book I’ve not read in a long time. Femi showed me real life in the way it should be. He dwelled on the life we find ourselves, detailing on what life is for a lot of people. Situations, Experiences, Tragedy, Life, Love, and Living – This is that piece that should have ... Read More »

Stop hurting, keep walking

Yesterday I was discussing with a client how some past terrible relationships are hindering me from being selfless and going all out for new partners. I shared a particular experience with her and she laughed hysterically, “I have been there. I tried to stop being nice and kind but it only reduced my creativity. I stopped loving myself because I ... Read More »

Journey to the Future

Journey to the Future will get you wondering if I am writing my own story. Truth is, it started out as my journey to redemption. If I have to live again, I need to die. To die requires letting out every pain that holding me back, embracing healing and starting afresh. This book is my new beginning, another journey on its ... Read More »